The Biggest Electricity Conspiracy Exposed...


"How Big Electricity Corp Shuts Down Free Electricity...Until Now!"

science & mechanics magazine

When Howard Johnson proved Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt that free electricity was possible...Science & Mechanics featured his invention on the front cover...and that's when things get nasty...

The big electricity corp panicked big time!

It would be millions and billions of lost revenue if the Johnson Motor ever get to see the public light. (And that's what Howard Johnson was planning to do)

The big corp started utilizing all the dirty tricks they could muster.

The keep the story short, with their millions of cash in coffers...Howard Johnson's Magnetic Motor was forcibly shut down for good. (or so they thought)

The team that was researching the Johnson Motor was torn apart but...

The Big Electricity Corp
Didn't Expect...

...That the secret notes for Johnson Motor survived the onslaught!

horward johnson

Howard Johnson's dream of free
Electricity for everyone was crushed
but his secret "notes" is now released
to the public...

What's So Special
About The Johnson Motor?

The Johnson motor is special because it uses a magnetic motor to generate its electricity perpetually.

As you are probably aware, magnets last almost forever and specialized magnet even so.

The johson motor utilized special magnets (that you can get easily and cheaply) to create a motor that generates free electricity for you all day long.

Of course, that's an over simplified version but you don't need to know all the details to build one.

The free video here details some of the easy-to-follow plan and inner workings of the johnson motor. Its educational too.

The Only "free electricity" generator to be Awarded and Certified By The U.S. Patent Office

The U.S. Patent Office doesn't give patents to inventions that doesn't work or doesn't have any scientific proof to it.

The Johnson Motors have not one but 3 U.S. patents awarded and certified to its name.

Scam Warning

Since the creation of this website, the internet community is alive with buzz. Many scammers and unethical marketers has taken the opportunity to take our money via scams.

They promise to send us some step by step videos. Do not trust them! At best, those johnson motor doesn't work and and at worse it is dangerous. (There has been some accidents)

Only use the links on this website. (I have approached and partnered with the only website that i trust)


To summarize:

1. Howard Johnson is a real scientist with real world changing achievements under its belt.

2. The Johnson motor works so well, the Science & Mechanics magazine can't wait to have that device on their cover page.

3. The Johnson Motor even has 3 U.S patents to its name. Its proven to work.

4. There's a good reason why this has been kept a secret. Energy company has been using every trick in the book to keep this under wraps until the internet came along and exposed everything.

5. There's a video that shows you how to build this thing even if you're not an engineer or even if you don't have any DIY experience at all.

Click here to watch it.